Go To Travel with Airbnb

Guide for hosts to participate

[As of Nov 24] Temporary suspension of Go To Travel Campaign discounts for listing(s) in Sapporo and Osaka city

In accordance with the announcement by the government on Nov 24, 2020, listings in Sapporo and Osaka City have been temporarily removed from eligibility for Go To Travel discounts. Currently, exclusions for Sapporo and Osaka City will apply from Nov 24 through Dec 15.

For official details on this guidance, please refer to the Go To Travel administrative office website.

Additionally, in accordance with the announcement, reservations in Sapporo and Osaka City discounted through the Go To Travel program with check-in between Dec 2 and Dec 15 have been cancelled by Airbnb.

Please note that this cancellation will be handled in accordance with the notice from the Japan Tourism Agency and Go To Travel Campaign Office and will be handled as follows. ・We have processed the cancellation with a full refund to the guest. You will not normally receive a deposit, however we will compensate you up to 35% based on the cancellation policy set for each listing. Note: Depending on the cancellation policy, there may be no deposit for some listings. Note: The maximum compensation is set at 14,000 yen per person per night. Therefore, we will not compensate for any excess amount.

・Please note payouts will be processed after review by the Go To Travel administrative office, and may take some time.

・Reservations made through 11/23 with check-in on or before 12/1 continue to be eligible for the discount and will not be cancelled. However, if the Guest chooses to cancel, cancellation fees will be calculated and paid out in accordance with the above guidance.

・Any reservations made on 11/24 will be cancelled in accordance with the government announcement. As these are treated as new reservations, cancellation fees will not be paid out for these bookings.

Depending on the coronavirus situation, it is possible that similar measures may be taken in other areas. Other various measures may be required depending on the situation.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to adhere to announcements from national and local officials as the coronavirus situation evolves.